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Nobo is developing innovative new ways for trainers to understand their athletes, clinicians to understand their patients, and people to understand themselves.

Health and physical performance depend on our ability to maintain proper hydration. Knowing exactly how well hydrated you are at any given time, however, remains an elusive goal. B60 – Nobo’s first product – is the first wearable device that assesses the full spectrum of hydration status in real-time. By monitoring for both dehydration and over-hydration, B60 provides insights into health, cognitive ability and physical performance that have never been available before.

Hydration Monitoring

it’s more than drinking a glass of water

Ensure teams perform at their peak...

Trainers responsible for the performance of their athletes understand that maintaining proper hydration is a critical proactive step. Athletes, however, often don’t pay sufficient attention to this simple nutritional factor, putting themselves at risk and jeopardizing their team’s success. Nobo helps determine if athletes are prepared to practice and compete at their best, no matter what environment they’re participating in.

...while keeping them safe

Dehydration among athletes can lead to elevated body temperature, increased heart rate and substantial risk of heat-related illness, while severe over-hydration can also lead to life-threatening complications. Nobo’s B60 can quickly assess the hydration of an entire team of athletes, allowing trainers to intervene before significant health problems occur.

Fluid balance affects outcomes

Research and anecdotal evidence indicate that optimizing the care of neonatal, surgical, septic, oncologic and many other patients often depends on maintaining precise fluid balance end points. Unfortunately clinicians don’t currently have accurate and reliable fluid status indicators to help guide their patients’ therapies. Nobo is developing a quantitative, non-invasive, continuous and direct fluid balance monitor intended to help those clinicians care for the most fragile of patients.

Keeping workers safe

Maintaining the health and safety of workers in any harsh environment is critical to all employers. Whether those workers are on the battlefield, fighting fires or building the country’s infrastructure, the safety of women and men performing arduous tasks is paramount. Continuous hydration monitoring can help ensure optimum health, decision making ability and productivity.

Make your training count

You train hard and pay close attention to your nutrition. And while you know that staying properly hydrated is a key to making that hard work pay off, how can you be sure that you’re hydrating correctly for your body and activity level? Nobo’s B60 continuously measures and monitors your hydration to help you understand if you’re on track towards the safe and successful competition you envision.

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